Minesweeper diligently sweeping the sea lanes of the Thames Estuary and North Sea clear of mines.

HMT Fentonian., Armed Mine Sweeper.

Pennant:                                              FY 868 
Year Constructed:                              November 1912.
Built by:                                               Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders Ltd. (Selby, U.K.) 
Owner:                                                 Sir Thomas Robinson & Son, Grimsby.
Engine:                                                 75 h. p. 
Gross Tons:                                         221 tons.
Length:                                                 120 feet.
Beam:                                                   22 feet.
Depth:                                                  12 feet

Sunday, 14 March 1915
DARDANELLES NAVAL ATTACK. Fentonian, hired trawler, minesweeper, damaged by shore batteries.

MORVINSON, Gilbert, Deck Hand, RNR, DA 2088. Killed.
WORRELL, Edward, Chief Petty Officer, RFR A 1486. Killed.

Nov 39, The Fentonian was again taken over by the Admiralty.

January 1941, ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, Nore Command, Sheerness. Wildfire III, Queenborough.

Minesweeping Group 121 - minesweeping trawlers DAROGAH (Ty Sk J Harrison RNR), FENTONIAN  (Sk F P Hamilton RNR), NORSE (Ty Sk J T Salter RNR), SUNLIGHT (Sk R Stephenson RNR) repairing, all at Sheerness.

January 1942, ROYAL NAVY SHIPS, Nore Command, Sheerness. Wildfire III, Queenborough.

Minesweeping Group 121 - minesweeping trawlers BEN GLAS, FENTONIAN, SANSON, all at Sheerness, TOCSIN at London.

March 1944, The Fentonian  became a Fuel Carrier. Other vessels converted to Fuel Carriers at this time served at the D-day landing beaches refuelling vessels.

Feb 45, The Fentonian was returned to her owner.

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30 Nov 1939 to 4 Jun 1940,     Temp. Skipper RNR, Harry Conrad Watson,
4 Jun 1940 to 2 Aug 1940,        Temp. Skipper RNR, John Henry Wardell.
2 Aug 1940 to 29 May 1941,    Skipper, RNR., Charles William Herbert Shearing.
29 May 1941 to 11 Nov 1941,  Temp. Skipper Lieut. RNVR. Leonard Andrew Levey.
11 Nov 1941 to Dec 1941,        Temp. Lieut. RNVR., David Leslie Owen.
Dec 1941 to 28 Feb 1944,         Temp. Lieut. RNVR., Leonard Andrew Levey.
28 Feb 1944 to June 1945,        Temp. Skipper RNR., Thomas William Trendall.

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HMT Fentonian.
Minesweeper Trawler Group 121
Wildfire III, Queenborough.

Like many of the minesweepers the Fentonian worked hard and diligently sweeping the sea lanes of the Thames Estuary clear of mines. She rarely got publicity unless there was a major incident.  She did her job, her Officers and crew always under immense stress and in great danger.

The Fentonian was also a minesweeper in World War One where she swept mines from the Dardanelles (the straight between European and Asian Turkey) during the Gallipoli Campaign. Under heavy fire from the shore her escorting vessel the Light Cruiser Amethyst was hit, killing 25 and severely wound 24. The Fentonian was also hit with 2 of her crew killed.