Lieutenant D.G. Bilsland


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The morning after Dieppe, 19th August 1942, HMS Garth.

HMS Garth's Officers on the bow in front of the Bow Chaser. Lieutenant D.G. Bilsland  is on the extreme right of  the group. 

MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES: Lieutenant D.G. Bilsland was awarded a MID (Mentioned in Dispatches) following the action with enemy E-boats. (German Schnellboot, fast torpedo boat) 

Lieutenant D.G. Bilsland  holding the captured E Boat ensign.

Photographs by kind permission of Iaian Bilsland. Iaian, was christened on board the HMS Garth, using the ships bell as a font, at Sheerness in late 1942.  Appropriately, Laian's middle name is "Garth".

‚ÄčLieutenant D.G. Bilsland served on the Garth until early in 1945 when he join the Frigate, St Austell Bay.

Lieutenant D.G. Bilsland  (the bearded officer) is holding the dog rescued from the German E-boat

HMS Garth officers with a "Trophy Board".

The Trophy Board possibly shows,

Top, HMS Garth emblem with year of her launch 1940.

1,  A German Gunboat and  11 German prisoners (Date not visible)

2, The Dieppe Raid, 19/08/1942,in which the Garth played a substantial part. With two enemy planes shot down, possible a Messerschmitt Me 109 and a  Messerschmitt 110.

3, A German Gunboat and  7 German prisoners 18/02/43 (See 18 Feb 1943 above) 

4, A German Gunboat  with flag  23/02/44.

5, Flag 16/19/44  when King George VI travelled from Ostend to Dover on HMS Garth.

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