ML 221

​Tender to HMS St Tudno.

Built by:               William King, Burnhan on Crouch, England.
Commissioned:   24 Feb 1941 
Displacement:     73 Tons.
Length:                 112 Feet.
Width:                   18.25 Feet.
Draught:               3.75 to 4.75 feet.
Engine:                  2 shaft, Hall-Scott petrol motors. B.H.P. 1,200.
Speed:                   20/17 Knots. 
Complement:       16 Officers and men.
Armament:            One, 3 pounder gun.
                                Two, 303 in (2x1 ) M G's                        

ML 221, tender to HMS St Tudno at the Scheldt while it was being swept.

​Left to right: Captain H G Hopper, RN, Captain Minesweeper; Lieut R N Lowes, RNVR, Commanding Officer of the Motor Launch; Lieut Cdr J Green, DSC, and the Dutch Pilot.

Thank you to Jack Hunter for the following information.

Jack’s grandfather David Percy Coyle served on ML221, the tender to HMS St Tudno. St Tudno was the headquarter vessel for Captain of Minesweepers,  H.G. Hopper at the Clearing of the Scheldt and the Relief of Holland. 

The Clearing of the Scheldt was the biggest, most complex and most vital minesweeping operation of WW2. It open up the Port of Antwerp allowing war supplies to flood into the port right on the Allies  front line.

Clearing the Dutch ports allowed food and medical supplies to arrive for the Dutch people who were starving to death therefore saving many thousands of lives.

David Percy Coyle, was from Newcastle and only 18 when he joined ML221. He was nicked named ‘kid’ and ‘Geordie’. Being the youngest on the ship, he always seemed to end up peeling the spuds.

If you, your father or your grandfather have any additional information about this ship, crew lists, stories, photographs, please send copies of them to be added to our records and this website.

Thank you.


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Motor Launch ML221 served as tender to HMS St Tudno, Captain of Minesweepers  H.G. Hopper at the Clearing of the Scheldt and the Relief of Holland.

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