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A Bad Day in December 1940:

Type of Vessel: Hired Drifter converted to a Minesweeper
Admiralty Number: Adty No 3116    
Fishing Number:  LT 78 Lowestoft
Year Constructed:  1913 
Gross Tons:  86 tons                                             
Fate: Detonated a mine on the 3 July 1941 with the loss of 9 of her crew. 

1914 – 1918. The Receptive served in World War One as a store carrier. (Known to have been in service 16 January 1919.)

April 1940. The Receptive was requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to a Armed Patrol Vessel.

15th September 1940, Nore Command,  Sheerness, Wildfire III, Queenborough.
Drifters: Constant Friend, Ocean Retriever, Ocean Toiler, Peacemaker, Receptive, Phyllis Rose, Ocean Treasure.

3 July 1941. The Receptive was sunk when it detonated a mine at position 51-20-50N, 0-54-35E.
in the Thames Estuary two and a half miles north of Sheppey.

To find out more of the Receptive’s movements go toDRIFTERS AND TRAWLERS.

RECEPTIVE, ship loss 3 July 1941 (MPK = Missing Presumed Killed).
CHISHOLM, James A, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 125340, MPK
CORK, Frederick L, Stoker, RNPS, LT/KX 109889, MPK
CROSSLAND, Alfred H, Act/Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 100343, killed
GARNETT, Edgar, Ordinary Seaman, R/JX 268565, killed
HAWSON, William B, Seaman, RNPS, LT/JX 224432, MPK
MCPHERSON, Daniel, Act/2nd Hand, RNR (PS), LT/X 19728 A, killed
REMINGTON, Raymond H A, Ty/Lieutenant, RNVR, killed
SHAW, William F, Engineman, RNPS, LT/KX 110027, MPK
WITTRIDGE, Richard G, Assistant Cook, RNPS, LT/JX 221665, killed

Wedding photograph of Edgar Garnett. 

Edgar's headstone at  
Woodlands cemetery, Gillingham.

EDGAR GARNETT,  who served on HMS Receptive and was lost when she detonated a mine. 

Photographs and information from Andy Carne whose grandfather Ordinary Seaman Edgar Garnett, is buried at at Woodlands Cemetery, Gillingham  after the loss of Receptive on the 3rd July 1941.

ALFRED HAROLD CROSSLAND who served on HMS Receptive and was lost when she detonated a mine. 

Richard Wittridge, known to his friends as “Dickie” was a cook on the Receptive who sadly lost his life when HMT  Receptive detonated a mine in the Thames Estuary and sank. 
​ (photo by kind permission of Steven Galvin,  Richard Wittridge was his great, great uncle.

The Receptive  would have looked like this Drifter the Renascent.

Armed Patrol Drifter
Wildfire III, Queenborough

The Receptive had a short but gallant life of less than 15 months before she detonated an acustic mines and sunk two and a half miles north of Warden Point, the Isle of Sheppey, close to the Medway Channel and three miles east of Medway Gate in the anti-submarine/anti-e-boat Boom across the Thames Estuary.

Any hope that mining offensives in the Thames Estuary and on the East Coast would slacken when Germany invaded Russia on the 22 June 1941 was quickly dashed when the Minesweeper HMT Devon County detonated a mine and sunk on the 1st July 1941, HMT Receptive and the Barge Rosme on the 3rd July 1941, HMT Lord St Vincent on the 7th July 1941 and the Destroyer Whiteshed severely damaged with the loss of 13 crew on the 30 July.

Just as the Germans were about to launched their attack on Russia the Luftwaffe heavily attacked the East Coast and Thames Estuary. In one week alone (21 to 28 June 1941) ten vessels were badly bombed of which eight sunk.

On the 1 July 1941 the Luftwaffe dropped a large number of acustic mines in the Thames Estuary. One mine landed at Leysdown and as Lieutenant Cliff defused it hissed and crackled giving him electric shocks. He had to defuse it under a tarpaulin as the Type G Acustic Mine was fitted with a photo-electric cell booby trap.

As you can see by the gaps in the data below, we don’t have a lot of information about the Receptive. At 86 tons the Receptive is too small to be listed on Lloyds Register. Please contact us if you have any additional information.


Not on List.

Temp. Skipper, R.N.R., D. Collin,  2 July 40

On list but no Officers.

If you, your father or your grandfather have any additional information about this ship, crew lists, stories, photographs, please send copies of them to be added to our records and this website.

Thank you.


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