NAVY RECORDS: Charles Henry Houghton.

Royal Arthur. HMS Royal Arthur was a Royal Navy Shore base training Establishment near Skegness during WW2, formally a Butlins holiday camp. 

Drake. HMS Drake (named after Sir Frances Drake) was a Royal Navy Training Establishment at Devonport.

HMS Europa . HMS Europa was the Royal Navy Patrol Service Training Establishment at Lowestoft. (Minesweepers) Usually known as the Sparrow’s Nest.

Nimrod. L’Atlantigue. HMS Nimrod was a Royal Navy anti-submarine training base at Campbeltown in Scotland. Here Navy personnel trained on ASDIC (amongst other things. ASDIC stands for antisubmarine detection investigation committee.) The “L’Atlantigue” was an Anti-submarine trawler). From May 41 to July 41 L’Atlantigue was conducting exercises off Campbeltown.

Nimrod. HMS Bredwalda.  HMS Bredwalda was an anti-submarine vessel. She was conducting exercised off Campbeltown from August 42 to June 43.

Charles (left) with shipmate.

Europa. Auxiliary Patrol Service Training Establishment at Lowestoft.

Euroclydon.  Also known as Fort Verdala or the Verdala Barracks, fortified barracks at Cospicua in Malta.

St Angelo (ML1246) St Angelo the Royal Navy shore establishment at Valletta, Malta, overlooking the Grand Harbour.

Not the clearest of photos, but there is a war on!
Charles is back row and on our right ,higher than others.

Charles in his whites.

Photographs from Paul Houghton whose Dad, Charles Henry Houghton served on HMS St Tudno and associated minesweepers.

HMS Bretwalda 

Possibly taken in the Adriatic. If anyone can identify the location please lets us know.

Charles Henry Houghton's Navy Records

HMT Peter Carey, Castle Class Minesweeper.

St Angelo, Royal Navy shore establishment at Malta.

Charles Houghton is in the centre.

Charles in centre wearing vest.

Charles on the right with shipmates.

Europa. Auxiliary Patrol Service Training Establishment at Lowestoft. (Sparrow’s Nest)

St Tudno. Peter Carey. HMS St Tudno was the headquarter ship for the Wildfire III Minesweeper base at Queenborough keeping open the vital shipping lanes in the Thames Estuary up the Port of London (then the biggest port in the World) Around the time Charles Haughton was attached to her, she went to Europe clearing the Scheldt Estuary and opening up the Port of Antwerp. By so doing are credited with shortening the war. The St Tudno and her minesweepers then went on to open up the Dutch ports allowing food and aid to arrive in Holland where at that time tens of thousands of Dutch people were starving to death. (The hunger winter)

Peter Carey was a Castle Class Minesweeper. PETER CAREY ( Built at the end of WW1 but to late to see service during WW1.

Charles, in vest again, on the left.

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 Charles, possible taken in the Adriatic.

Born in Warrington, Lancashire in 1920, Charles Henry Houghton was married to Margaret and joined the Royal Navy on the 10th October 1940 when he was twenty year old.


HMS L’Atlantigue, anti-submarine trawler.
HMS Bredwalda, anti-submarine vessel. 
HMS St Tudno - HMT Peter Carey, minesweeper.
ML1246, Harbour Defence Motor Launch .

ML1246 (Motor Launch) was Harbour Defence Motor Launch of the HDML class. ML 1246 was sent to the Adriatic and was based at Zardar, Croatia. ML 1246 served in the Mediterranean and in December of 1945 she was at Alexandria in Egypt. Soon after she was handed over to the Palestine Police.

Europa. Auxiliary Patrol Service Training Establishment at Lowestoft

​Charles was discharged from the Royal Navy in April 1946.